Hey, Restaurant Designers: There Are Now Edison-Style LED Light Bulbs

Edison bulbs (a.k.a. filament bulbs) you so often see as part of the nostalgic décor at restaurants and hipsterish hotel lobbies, are finally getting with modern times. Along with their "exposed" vintage looks, which have made them a favorite choice amongst noted designers for some time, the bulbs have also become an almost iconic trademark in neo-retro restaurant design schemes for the softly flattering, tungsten-hued light they emit — much like candlelight (but without the fire risk).

Australian-based lighting manufacturer Edison Light Globes has created three LED lightbulbs — two dimmable, one standard — with the same looks and tones of their vintage forebears. For designers and eco-minded restaurateurs alike, this is a VERY good thing.

Why? Easy as they are on the eyes, Edison bulbs are actually one of the worst choices designers and restaurateurs can make when it comes to energy efficiency and keeping electricity costs down. As is the case with all incandescent bulbs, Edison bulbs waste anywhere between 80-90% of the power they consume in the form of excess heat. Not only does that add up in costs for energy that basically goes unused, then there's the additional costs of keeping temperatures at a comfortable level, especially during the summer. In fact, incandescents are so lousy for the environment that the government's been phasing them out in favor of longer-lasting compact fluorecent and LED alternatives. This put the aesthetic appeal of Edison bulbs at certifiable odds with what's good for the Earth...until now. Check out Edison Light Globe's three very cool-looking LED options ($28-$38 each), above.

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