10 Ways To Load Up On Lobster Rolls All Summer Long

Summer is the season of lobster rolls. They do exist outside the warmer months, but think about it: a buttery, squishy roll filled to bursting with hearty tail meat, sweet knuckle meat and succulent claws all held together by a thin veil of mayo, possibly a little chopped celery or chives, and that's it. This sandwich's beauty, like a good BLT or tuna melt, lies in its utter simplicity. Check through our selection of lobster roll recipes, stories and field reports — then hit the kitchen (or the Yelp) and make that summer magic happen.

Lobster Rolls Rock!

You may have heard about the delightful abundance of lobster we've been experiencing the past few years. While we recognize this as joyous news for brave, hardworking lobstermen, we're going to focus more inwardly and celebrate the delightful abundance of lobster rolls we've been experiencing lately.

A Trip To The Lobster Pound

It did not rain during my recent wedding in Portland, Maine. But two days later the skies turned grey and menacing, and rain dumped down in fat, ferocious drops. "What are we going to do?" I asked my wife. "Let's go to Red's Eats," she said, snatching a set of car keys. "I want to eat Maine's biggest lobster roll."

This Lobster Roll Is Red Sox Pitcher Felix Doubront's Secret Weapon

Red Sox pitcher Felix Doubrant has a pre-game ritual that's as far away from never washing a wristband as you can get. And a lot more pleasant. Steamers Seafood Market in Newton, MA serves Doubrant one of their famed lobster rolls before every game.

We Hit The "Butter Wall" At Lobster Rumble, Not Exactly A Bad Thing

Last night I went to Tasting Table's 5th Annual Lobster Rumble, which benefited national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength. That's about as close to heaven as it gets: 24 competitors from around the country throwing down their best lobster rolls. Some were amazing, some were okay and some were little more than a well-meaning attempt...but what really fell short was me, because of the butter. My favorite rolls of the night, after the jump.

Lure Fishbar's Lobster Roll Recipe

A touch of Tabasco is added to this succulent lobster roll.

Lobster And Vanilla 'Club' Sandwich Recipe

Try this Boston classic and add some vanilla to your lobster sandwich.

The Tortoise Club's Lobster Roll With Lemon-Herb Mayonnaise Recipe

Cafe Miranda Lobster 'Roll' Recipe

Change up your lobster roll game and sub that hot dog bun for foccacia.

World Premiere: Manon's Off-The-Menu Lobster Roll With Uni And Caviar Recipe

Really want to treat yourself? Top your lobster roll with uni and caviar.

Boston Burger Week: Lobster Burgers with Tarragon-Lemon Mayo

What burger best defines Boston? Well, there's lots of great beef burgers out there, but we decided to get creative and give Boston a burger that transforms lobster into the main meat, then puts this crustacean patty between buttery brioche and slathers it with lemon-tarragon mayo for a truly heavenly experience. More burger than lobster roll, we are nominating this lobster burger as the official Boston burger. Try it and we think you'll agree.