Video: David Chang's Fried Chicken With Caviar Recipe. This Is A Classic.

Sometimes, there's a video that stays with you long after you watch it. That's been the case for us with this clip featuring a rather, er, decadent recipe from Momofuku empire founder David Chang. The video made the rounds a bit last fall, but we figured we'd re-heat it in honor of the tenth anniversary of New York's Momofuku Noodle Bar (and Adam Platt's riveting piece crediting Chang and April Bloomfield as chefs who have changed America).

This animated recipe for fried chicken with caviar – presented by Vogue – surely isn't Chang's most influential. It's definitely out there (to say the least) and surely, there are a whole lot more luxurious ways to serve caviar than to have greasy, fried chicken rolled in it. But, it's precisely this far-out, innovative thinking that's defined Chang's masterful career over the past decade (and even made him the subject of an Audi commercial). And, you just can't dispute that you wouldn't want to bite into that goodness.

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