Here's How James Bond Reacts To Funky Southeast Asian Wine

Laurie Woolever's story last week on Vang Dalat, Vietnam's answer to Two Buck Chuck, got us thinking about our favorite cinematic moment involving questionable wine from Southeast Asia. In the 1974 film The Man With The Golden Gun, British spy James Bond (played by the saucy Roger Moore) is dining with a paramour in Thailand when a waiter presents the table with a fresh bottle of local wine. The dashing secret agent, a noted Bollinger snob, is immediately taken aback by the label: "Phuyuck?" Check out the reaction on the characters' faces after the first sip. Always the smooth operator, Bond uses the unfortunate vintage to his advantage, by dryly voicing approval as the setup to some cheeky comment on his date's slinky attire. Note to self: this is how a proper English gentleman reacts to bad wine. Here's the clip:

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