A Quick Q&A With Fast-Paced Boston Chef Barbara Lynch

When you think of Boston you probably think of Fenway Park, Harvard, Duck Boats and Chef Barbara Lynch. Boston and Lynch go together like The Red Sox and Fenway. A James Beard Award and Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef nomination leave her to be regarded as one of Boston's – and the country's – leading chefs and restaurateurs. Her empire is growing and her days are full. As the founder and CEO of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, Barbara oversees the operations of eight concepts and employs over 250 people. How does one woman make so much happen and keep her mind, body and soul satisfied at the same time? Lynch lets us in on her secrets.

What is a typical work day for you, from start to finish?

I am usually in the weeds seven days a week. I wake up by 6 a.m. and get my daughter ready for school. At 8 a.m. I turn on my phone and the party starts. That is... Parties to cater to, to teach to and to inspire. I typically write several recipes in the morning and then run around Boston for the rest of the day. On average, I have 3-5 meetings per day. In between meetings, I stop by each of the restaurants to check in with everyone, sometimes to prepare for a private event, catering or a teaching gig at Stir. Around 5 p.m. I respond to as many emails as I possibly can. I am in constant motion and I juggle so many balls, so I am always fighting to stop them from falling to the ground.

How do you sustain your energy for that long?

I try to eat small meals throughout the day and never let myself get too hungry. When I forget to eat, that's when my energy takes a nosedive. I also have a great team and support system that seems to always have my back and drive me forward. I've managed to surround myself with enthusiastic, passionate and driven people that work with me – that definitely pushes me to keep going.

Anything edible or drinkable that helps you keep moving?

I enjoy nut butters on gluten-free flat bread, seasonal fruit smoothies made with fresh juices (I love to juice) and fresh fruit are all easy quick bites that I can eat and drink on the run. I believe in staying overly hydrated and I drink a lot of water. I also enjoy the occasional chocolate treat or iced tea to give me a little zing.

What personal practices and exercises do you incorporate into your daily life?

I love to box. The punching, kicking, let-it-all-out kind. Get me a ring in between the craze of my day and I am one happy woman. I try to get to the ring about three days a week and I have also started coaching, which is a fun new element. I travel often, and aim to get a run in 2-3 times a week to make up for my time outside the ring. It's tough to keep up a routine when you're on the road a lot, but I try to get something in every day – Physique 57 videos are a good tool. It's important to take time to just let loose. I remind myself of that, and do my best to fit it in.

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