Hey, PETA, Stick To Comedy! Scary Anti-Milk Ad Makes Us Miss The Vegan Stud Video

Controversy has been reignited over PETA's "Got Autism?" campaign.

The always shocking animal-rights group PETA is back in the news again, with another eye-catching campaign. This one is actually a reboot of the organization's controversial "Got Autism?" billboard from 2008, which used a bowl of Cheerios floating in a frown-faced pattern to spotlight the alleged connection between cow's milk and neurological symptoms. You can read the group's most recent post on the issue here.

The Daily Beast does a good job of sorting through the actual scientific findings and downplays the dairy-autism connection as "maybe-science."

We, the open-minded omnivores at Food Republic, simply wish that PETA would go back to its colorful ways of illustrating the pros of a vegan diet, as opposed to hyping unproven evils of dairy.

Remember the shockingly hysterical video with the nerdy guy who switches to veganism and impressively injures both his girlfriend and the masonry in his apartment with his suddenly explosive sexual stamina? Now, that's change we can believe in.

Here's the video:

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