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According to Emojipedia (yup, that exists), a wave of new emojis hits phones this month. Now, you can convey "chipmunk," "bellhop bell," and the infinitely more useful, "reversed hand with middle finger extended" with one tap. There's also a "dove of peace" if you end up offending someone. Much to our chagrin, however, vital additions to the food section seem to have been overlooked. I went off on a whole tirade about a lack of cheese emojis before I simply accepted the facts of life and invented my own.

The New Yorker offers some insight into why a perceived shoe-in like a hot dog didn't make the cut: apparently between the Unicode programmers and one sausage-obsessed text activist (who demanded a hot dog emoji by petitioning the President) nobody could decide whether the digital frank would be topped with pretend ketchup or pretend mustard. So…don't look for tons of logic in the new rollout. And continue not using the mahjong tile and fat stack of yen emojis. But if you've been looking for a way to convey "spicy" or a new way to say "hot," good news: a hot pepper is confirmed to be on its way.

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