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That bastion of investigative food journalism, the New York Post, is reporting on the sad decline of yet another erstwhile staple of Big City cuisine: the once ubiquitous sausage slice, apparently, is headed the way of chicken à la king and other formerly fancied foodstuffs that have fallen out of fashion in contemporary society.

“It’s fallen off over the past 10, 15 years,” Joe Pozzuoli, founder of venerable Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village, tells the tabloid. “Thirty years ago, I would order 30 to 40 pounds of sausage a week. Now, I order very little. Two or three pounds.”

The reason? Pozzuoli can't say exactly, though he suspects that the high fat content is part of it. Nevermind that pepperoni, which is equally greasy and also technically a form of sausage, remains quite popular.

Other pizzaiolos and aficionados cite the surging popularity of other toppings, including arugula, chicken, pineapples and jalapeños, as a major contributor to the sausage slide.

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