Kickstarted: Dutch Bacon Sprinkles. Don't Call Them Bacon Bits.

Everyone say it together: hagelslag! Nope, it's not the witch from that terrifying Scandinavian fairy tale, it's Dutch for "sprinkles," like you get on ice cream. Elsewhere in the world, one eats them on sandwiches. See also: fairy bread. We have no problem with that, particularly when the sugary pellets are poised to be replaced by bacon. Bacon Hagelslag ends its Kickstarter campaign today well over the €9k they were shooting for, but there's still a few hours to go if you want to say you contributed to what could easily be the next totally acceptable way to incorporate bacon into your ice cream.

The Netherlands alone consumes 30 million pounds of hagelslag each year, and for reference, about 16 Netherlands would fit inside Texas. Not all sandwiches accomodate sprinkles, although if you're truly hankering, the sky's the limit. These guys are made from real, actual bacon (no smoky sad pink soy crumbles here). As they say: "if you don't like the sweet, choose the meat. Straight out of the box and onto your sandwich, or in your salad, on top of your eggs or in your mashed potatoes."

Sounds like a plan.

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