This Indoor Garden Is Ideal For Urbanites: No Soil, No Water, No Fuss

Farm-to-table meets an urban aesthetic. Microgardens can be folded up into various open or closed shapes, or separated into sections.[/caption]

Looking to bring the farm-to-table trend closer to home? Here's the quintessential indoor garden for any urban dweller — no green thumbs necessary. We're not kidding when when say this mini-greenhouse kit is easier to maintain than a Chia Pet.

Microgarden is the brainchild of the Swedish food and packaging design firm Tomorrow Machine, which developed the tiny origami-like greenhouses for the German farming company INFARM. Every kit comes with a flat-pack sheet of recyclable plastic that can be folded up into a series of self-contained shapes. Rather than soil, the kit consists of a clear seaweed-based agar, an inherently moisture-rich gel that saves you from having to do any watering. 

Microgarden's designers opted for microgreen seeds — basil, beets, chard and the like — which not only thrive in that kind of environment, but contain up to 40 times more nutrients than mature versions of the same plants. Bonus: those teeny sprouts happen to be very trendy right now.  

Besides being a foolproof method for growing your greens at home, regardless of your scant outdoor space, the kit's customizable modular shape and see-through material has a cool, avant-garde edge that makes for a stylish tabletop piece, or shelving decor. 

Microgardens are expected to ship throughout the U.S. starting in September for approximately $27 to $34. For details visit:

Because of the clear components, from the plastic walls to the agar agar base, you can watch every stage of your micro greens sprouting (usually takes 5-14 days).