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Viora Lids are designed to mimic the shape and lip of an actual coffee mug, both in terms of the feel on your mouth, as well as the amount and flow of liquid that comes through its opening.

The Viora’s shape and size of its drink well brings out what some of us consider to be the best feature of a damn-good cup of coffee: its aroma.

Unlike conventional lids with tiny openings that cause jostled coffee to shoot straight up like geysers, the physics behind Viora lids’ design controls spillage and also easily allows coffee to drain back into the cup.

Ordering your extra premium coffee to-go could be compromising the flavor and overall drinking experience. Why? The plastic lid, which typically isn't designed with anything but spillage-prevention in mind. Now, thankfully, there may be a better option. Conceived by a Seattle-based company of coffee lovers, Viora Lid is a new recyclable plastic lid for standard-issue to-go cups that's designed to improve your morning cup of coffee by making it more comparable to sipping from an actual mug.

To start, the lip is thinner and gently curved to resemble the shape of a typical mug or teacup. Besides being less cumbersome, the liquid opening is better designed to mimic the natural flow that comes from holding an uncovered cup up to your lips and tipping back.

Moreover, the Viora Lid is built to enhance your aromatic experience, as well, with a drink well that sits just below the nose. This feature not only allows for a stronger aroma as you sip, but also facilitates retronasal smelling, which typically can't occur with a conventional lid's smaller opening. Unlocking those aromas is crucial to experiencing coffee's full flavor because the sensations of scent and taste are so closely linked. Like fine wine, good coffee is initially defined by its "nose."

The angles and facets of the Viora Lid also prevent spillage by collecting escaped liquid back into its well, which is reason enough to opt for these advanced to-go tops during a clumsy morning rush. The lids are currently available for purchase and mass distribution. Hopefully, it's just a matter of time before we see them, or other smart new tops, capping our favorite coffee drinks.

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