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They like their beef, pork and chicken naturally raised, and their high-powered rifles tucked well out of sight (if you please). They're Chipotle fans, and they're uncomfortable with the ginormous gun you just hauled into a fast-casual Mexican joint. And put back that bottle of Chipotle Tabasco, they totally saw you sneak it into your bag. Oh, you have a ginormous gun that's so big you need to sling it over your back? Now we get it, carry on. You're right, Chipotle Tabasco IS delicious.

Forbes reports that Everytown For Gun Safety, a firearms-control group, has asked Chipotle to ban firearms in their restaurants after seeing Twitter photos of various enthusiasts, including proud members of gun club Open Carry Texas, packing not-screwing-around heat in the form of semi-automatic SKS rifles while in line for their burritos with extra guac. And heavens save us all if they leave out the guac.

Normally, Chipotle could give a hoot if you're carrying, so long as state legislation permits it. But in a statement released earlier this week, they're taking the side of some justifiably distressed patrons:

Historically, we felt it enough to simply comply with local laws regarding the open or concealed carrying of firearms, because we believe that it is not fair to put our team members in the uncomfortable position of asking that customers refrain from bringing guns into our restaurants. However, because the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers, we think it is time to make this request.

So leave your shiny prized AR15 at home and focus on the more pressing burrito rights violations, like this tragedy that's gotten basically no attention:

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