No matter how skilled you might be at pouring the perfect beer, beautifully frothy head and all, Copenhagen-based Norm Architects makes a compelling case to spring for a beer foaming device. Created for the design brand Menu, Norm's battery-powered Beer Foamer is a clear tribute to two things Scandinavians excel at: beer and beautiful design.

The whole frothing process takes only about 20 seconds. Just pour your beer in a glass, leaving a small remainder — about a centimeter or so — to add to the shatterproof glass base. Replace the copper cover, press the top button and there you go. You can also use the foamer for your morning cup of coffee. Efficient, durable and super functional, that the design itself is so attractive, you may find yourself reaching for this foamer more than your skills demand.

The Beer Foamer is available for $30 at Menu's online shop.


A simple, two-piece design, featuring a shatterproof glass base and a copper top that has design elements reminiscent of distilleries.

Add about a centimeter of liquid to the base, and cover.

About 20 seconds later…you’ve got a perfectly foamy beer head.