Kickstart This: HopBox Handcrafted Brewing Kits

An afternoon spent brewing homemade beer? Sounds like an ideal weekend plan to us. Created by "two guys with a beer-fueled dream," HopBox Brewing Kits are perfect for brewing cider, mead and beer – whether you're a veteran brewer or brewing your first ever batch. It appears our excitement is shared. As of yesterday afternoon, the project's Kickstarter campaign had received almost three times the necessary funding amount of $45,000. With two weeks left to raise money, inventors Mike Langone and Matt Gorman have set additional funding "stretch goals," pledging additional rewards for donations.

The HopBox Brewing Kit is able to brew one to three gallons of beer at a time, and comes with a complete set of instructions, a brewers' log, ingredients and a book with more than 20 recipes. All kits are built entirely in-house and in collaboration with local woodworkers and furniture-makers. Finished with refining and perfecting the product's design and ready for full-scale production, the founders are now looking to expand their business. They envision using the proposed workshop as a space to share the process of brewing and woodworking with the local community.

With a stated mission of "helping people craft better beer" (we're down with that) Langone and Gorman are offering donation rewards ranging from stickers to all-expense paid beer-centric trips to Boston. Check out this video for the whole story.

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