Meanwhile, In Saudi Arabia: A Charity Refrigerator Feeds Hungry Neighbors

Hunger is an issue no matter where in the world you live. While aid programs are sometimes available to those in need, on the whole, we've yet to find a way to feed the hungry without singling them out at distribution centers or other public means of relief. Many don't want to wait in those lines for fear of being labeled as "needy," and it's not infrequent for recipients to experience more anxiety than necessary over feeding their families.

A Saudi man in the northern town of Hail set an example with a simple but significant step forward on the issues of both hunger and stigma by installing a refrigerator on his property for neighbors to drop off or pick up leftover food. Go ahead, think of an easier solution where nothing is wasted and everyone wins.

This photo was tweeted by influential Saudi theologian and imam Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe to his nearly 9 million followers, praising the anonymous man's innovative "indirect" spin on charity and encouraging others to do the same. Behold: simple genius powered by social media and just a smidge of electricity. Fridges basically shut off when the compressor's not in use, so this concept's an energy-saver too.

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