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We’re all for a little originality and innovation here at Food Republic, especially when it comes to sampling some pretty out there food items. Last month we sent a columnist to feast on roasted raccoon and porcupine tartare. He came away fairly impressed. I took a courageously large bite out of a chocolate-covered onion in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market recently, hoping to be pleasantly surprised (alas, I was not). But, where to draw the line? We may have found our breaking point with today’s launch of Saladshots, a company producing “unheard of” salad dressing flavors, including chocolate chip and peanut butter and jelly. 

Saladshots is looking to re-invent salad dressings by using high-quality ingredients and cutting down on the amounts of fat, sodium and processed sugar in each (eco-friendly) pouch, specifically citing the addition of agave nectar as a natural alternative. We’re down with that. A pledge to use the latest natural food technology to reduce the oil and fat content of the dressings without losing taste or texture is cool, too. But then, we dare to take a closer look at some of the planned flavors. Mac ’n cheese? Chocolate chip? Rose petal? PB&J?

The company is even rolling out a Kickstarter campaign – over 50% of its $25,000 goal has already been funded with 43 days to go – to fortify its efforts. Its founder, Adam Rubin, even references the work of Ben & Jerry's in the ice cream industry as a comparison for how the company might rejuvenate salad dressings, writing, "Saladshots…will have the same impact for salads." Whoa there. Looks like Mr. Rubin may be drinking too much of the company’s (agave nectar-sweetened) Kool-Aid.

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