There's A Documentary About Globe-Circling Food Bloggers. Here's The Trailer.

Do you consider yourself willing to go out of the way for a good meal? If you answered "yes," did you just imagine yourself taking a long leisurely walk or drive to dinner? That's cute. But not exactly what we had in mind. Welcome to the world of Foodies, a new documentary that follows a subculture of blogging food critics with a mission to eat at the best restaurants on earth. This group is willing to fly around the globe to eat a single meal.

Directed by Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius and Henrik Stockare, Foodies is being released in Sweden on May 23 (a U.S. release date has yet to be announced). Shot on location at some of the world's most renowned restaurants, the film follows "a group of slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs" along the way. One of them even remarks, "People are flying to another part of the world for a football match, why not for a good restaurant?" We're on board with that. Take a look at the trailer below.

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