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Wisconsin chef Tory Miller is a favorite of ours. Before winning a James Beard Award in 2011 for Best Chef Midwest, he worked the line for a decade in New York City restaurants before settling in Madison, Wisconsin—a state capitol and mighty fine college town, but hardly a culinary mecca. Miller changed that with his work at farm-to-table pioneer L’Etoile. Madison is famous for its year-round farmers market (and it’s not just a dairy thing), and Miller used those products to the best of his advantage.

So, what we like about this commercial is not only that it’s showing the world how to make a Culver’s flat-top hamburger — Culver’s is a Wisconsin chain that specializes in “butter burgers” and frozen custards — but it recognizes one of our favorite Wisconsin chefs in the process. Miller swears he oftentimes finishes a shift with a stop at Culver’s. Endorsements are endorsements, and we are sure some money changed hands here. But it’s cool when they are so organic. And don’t you just want one of those burgers now?  

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