Welcome To Food Republic Grilling Month

Today is May 1, which marks the kickoff of the Fourth Annual Food Republic Grilling Month. For 31 days, we'll add to our usual programming a subject we all hold close to our hearts — the cooking of meats (and vegetables, sometimes) over an open fire (and gas, sometimes). There will also be smoking involved. That's barbecue, people! We love barbecue.

What should you expect over the next 31 days of Grilling Month? Think delicious recipes to inspire you to try new things. Plus, a return of the Grilling Gods — where we hit up our professional and celeb-chef friends for expert advice that we can apply over our own coals (or wood, or gas-fed flames). We'll be rounding up great beers for the backyard, the best wood for smoking, 8 favorite tube steaks and the best bourbon. Because, we all know that is what you drink with barbecue (or, one of the things). Plus, burgers. We'll never forget the burger. We'll be back daily with a new Grilling Month something. Now, do you know what you are cooking this weekend?