Word comes early this morning that Heisman Trophy winner and reigning college football National Champion Jameis Winston was issued a written citation yesterday for shoplifting crab legs from supermarket chain Publix. Yes, you read that right: Florida State’s star quarterback (and outfielder) can now add “seafood thief” to a rapidly growing resume.

We’re not quite sure where to begin with this one. We’re never going to condone stealing, but hey, it’s nice to see that the face of college football is a bit of a home cook. The timing of the citation is somewhat ironic, as the NCAA had recently approved a measure to provide unlimited meals to student-athletes. We’ve also got to hand it to the Alabama native for heading straight to the crab leg section. The man’s got some pretty impressive taste.

While this one has yet to fully play out, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that opposing teams’ fans are going to have an absolute field day this season. Let the crab puns and custom t-shirt ordering begin. Hurricanes fans – we’re especially looking forward to your takes on the matter when the Seminoles visit for a rivalry matchup in November. In the meantime, don’t be shellfish – share your thoughts and best crab-related puns in the comments section.

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