Design We're Feeling: Minimalist Beer Steins

Why go back for seconds, when you could hold a beer mug massive enough to tide you over til last call? We'd like to think that was the thought process that resulted in the classic German beer stein, a handled vessel that can typically hold as much as two liters of lager. (Related: 5 German Beers To Drink All Year Round.)

Though their function hasn't changed much, steins have come a long way since their original stone and earthenware forbears, typically adorned with elaborate graphics and design flourishes. But sometimes a gigantic mug is maximalist enough, without the rest of the embellishments, which is why we heartily approve of the stripped-down versions ahead. From a classic dimpled glass mug, to a clever clamp that can turn any 12-oz. beer can into an instant stein, here are six picks that could make a big gulper out of any minimalist.