It Finally Happened: Aziz Ansari Made His Own Food Show

Aziz Ansari's love of food is well documented. He's taken it to a new level, however, starring alongside fellow comedians Eric Wareheim and Jason Woliner in a new show titled Food Club. In the 15-minute first episode, the three "captains" dine at a few of LA's most renowned restaurants, electing at the end of the meal whether or not to bestow chefs with a custom-made Food Club plaque. Plaques are made – and promptly burned – for restaurants that are deemed unworthy of such an accolade. No, we're not making any of this up.

Take a look at the entire first episode of Food Club below. There's just the right amount of humor mixed in (just take a look at the captains' hats the trio sports at restaurants) to complement food commentary that spans fine dining establishments, holes-in-the-wall, a cameo by über food critic Jonathan Gold and an exclusive dinner club.

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