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We’re big fans of Kickstarter here at Food Republic. The website is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, allowing users (dreamers?) to outline ambitious projects backed by donations from visitors, who are often able to give as little as $1 to furthering a worthy cause.

We’ve all struggled with the problem of a soggy burger bun as a result of juices oozing onto the plate. After all, Americans eat 50 billion burgers every year – that’s three burgers per person per week. So, how to fix it? The inventors of Burger Lift have designed a lightweight, stainless steel device intended to drain the juices and provide an elevated resting place for a burger.

The three-person team is offering various rewards for pledges, including shipments of the first Burger Lift products, complete cookout kits and – for larger donations – a catered burger cookout at home. But time is running out. With just three days left to donate, the project has received around 80% of its required $10,000 goal. Take a look at the video below a look and head to the Burger Lift Kickstarter page to donate today!

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