Video: 5 Chefs Show Us How To Make A Baseball Hot Dog That Does Not Suck

It was a pretty good challenge we whipped up in the days leading up to our latest test kitchen. First, we packed a table with 24 hot dog condiments, including basics like ketchup and raw onions along with some left-field choices like furikake seasoning, green olives and four kinds of hot sauce. Next, we invited some of our chef friends over to see what they could come up when asked the simple question: Make Food Republic a delicious baseball hot dog. Last, we filmed the thing (see below). In the end, the results surprised us. Instead of gimmicks or quarter-baked fusion whathaveyous, these guys actually followed through and made us some really tasty dogs. See for yourself as we conduct our first ever Food Republic Test Kitchen Challenge starring Bobby Hellen, Ed Cotton, Michael Psilakis, Danny Amend and Joey Campanaro.

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