New Recipes This Week: Beet Wellington, Scallop Empanadas, Brisket Poutine

Craft Beer & Spirits Week has been a truly special time for Food Republic's Recipes section. I like to think all our savory recipes have their soulmate booze pairing, but this week we focused on bar snacks to enhance your drinking experience no matter what's in your glass. I'm talking about you, Cheezy Bits, all ruining me for life.

FR Recipe Developer Paul Harrison worked his again, encasing bacon, scallops and potatoes in hot fried empanadas that couldn't pair any better with strong beer if you dunked one in (don't do that). Grab the last persimmons of the season and make syrup for cocktails, wrap beets with chevre and mushrooms in flaky pastry and snack on crackers with the cheese built right in