Beer On The Brain? Here Are 7 Books You Should Have On Your Shelves

Like we said earlier, "beer school" may be one of the more appealing forms of higher education we'd ante up the funds for, but when it comes to learning more about beer, from its styles and flavors to brewing methods, trends, food pairings and even label art, these seven new books are the way to go.

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In The Complete Beer Course, Joshua M. Bernstein (a Food Republic contributor) offers up a comprehensive crash-coursebook that's divided into 12 tasting "classes," while Anna Blessing's Locally Brewed reveals what you won't find in the craft beer aisle: behind-the-scenes portraits and profiles of 20 craft breweries scattered throughout the Midwest. Positing beer as a worthy menu component, Schuler Schultz highlights various flavor profiles of craft brews and how to expertly pair them with your meal in Beer, Food and Flavor.

Check them all out in the slideshow below, and hit the books — then your local hops shop.