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During our annual DJ Week, we like to ask members of the turntable generation if they have any friends in music who have particular skills in the kitchen. When we posed the question to DJ M.O.S., he did not flinch. “Kelis is an amazing cook. She actually went to culinary school and can seriously throw down,” he told us in a 2011 interview. And, apparently, he was not bullshitting. Kelis — a singer who is most famous for her 2003 Neptunes-produced smash hit “Milkshake” — has some serious culinary chops. At last week’s South By Southwest music festival in Austin, the culinary school graduate cooked on a food truck while promoting her new album, Food. It features songs with titles like “Jerk Ribs, “Friday Fish Fry,” “Cobbler” and “Breakfast” — which makes us quite hungry. Revolt TV has an interview with the singer.  Also see herehere, here, here and here.