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Handpicked Nation is an awesome food site that's focused on seasonality, sensible cooking and, well, kinda hippie-ish personalities. What do you expect? Founder Craig McCord and Staci Strauss live in the woods in Woodstock, NY. They're also experienced video producers with friends in high places, which is why they were able to convince food writer Peter Barrett to launch a new food and music video series, Barrett Cooks, on the site. Last year's pilot featured Barrett's pal John Medeski, the jazz keyboardist best known for his role in the soulful band Medeski, Martin and Wood. Less known is that Medeski is a serious cook, and one who is as obsessive about finding fresh, seasonal ingredients as many of us. ("Ramps get you high!" he says at one point.) Here, Barrett and Medeski hit the woods to forage for ramps, then head to the kitchen for an array of ramp-centric dishes. Which reminds us, hey, it's almost ramp season!

[Courtesy of Handpicked Nation]

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