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Is this the year that a Cinderella will pull off the ultimate upset? Might Cranberry Citrus Crisps defy the odds and muscle their way to the Final Four? USA Today’s sports blog For The Win has released its interactive March Madness bracket…of Girl Scout Cookie flavors. All month long, boxed dessert aficionados will be able to vote for their favorite creations. The 12-cookie field pits experienced veterans (Thin Mints) against lesser-known entities (here’s looking at you, Thank U Berry Munch). The top four seeds receive first round byes. And don’t worry – cookie descriptions are available, for all you Girl Scout rookies out there.

While we’re not ones to play favorites here at Food Republic, we believe that it will be a tall task to unseat Thin Mints, the tournament’s #1 overall seed. We’re not betting people, either, but that hasn’t stopped a few loyal office members from voting for the #3 Samoas from multiple computers and browsers.

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