Frog Balls: A Tribute To Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Well can you think of a better name for pickled Brussels sprouts? Cause I can't. All I can do is think of a handful of ways to incorporate them into your lunch, because we'll be knee-deep in spring produce before we know it and forget all about the frog balls and potatoes this winter has thrown us. The time is now.

I buy mine from Black Sheep Gourmet Foods, atomic-level heat. They're just about as addictive as a pickled bite gets. Here's how to use frog balls if you can get them onto a cutting board without eating them whole first.

  1. Use the kimchi pickled eggs hack with Brussels sprouts: lightly boil, then halve them and drop them into the brine in a finished jar of kimchi. Shake well, wait a week and eat.
  2. Chopped up and made into relish for a burger, dog, eggplant dog or burger dog
  3. Used to spike your potato salad
  4. As a whimsical part of your very own Time Sandwich
  5. Frogballnaise, in the style of giardiniera-naise and tomatonaise. Who just invented the world's greatest tartar sauce? Was it me?
  6. A halved frog ball (man I am LOVING typing "frog balls" this many times) sits perfectly on top of a cracker sandwich, like a happy little helmet. Go forth into battle, friend.

And a word to the wise: don't buy just one jar. Don't do that to yourself.

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