Babybel, Truffle Honey. A Match Made At 3 A.M.

There's nothing quite like browsing through Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things. Mmm, the slowed-down gifs of inanimate objects you never thought could be made for each other, spooning closer than humankind could ever achieve.

That's what happened when I thought I had nothing to snack on late last night. I mean obviously I had three sacks of Babybels, just take me out back and shoot me if I ever run out of those, but they needed a friend and I was out of both crackers and fruit. A dusty jar in the pantry glared at me as though I'd forgotten about it. I had. It was truffle honey, which doesn't go bad, and the possibility of introducing these two single pals made me feel like a lunch yenta.

Truffle honey goes with most cheese, from mild to sharp, from moldy rind to practically just mold with a little cheese holding it together. I can't actually think of a cheese it doesn't go with, I've even topped a schmeared bagel with a light drizzle. Seriously, try that with a poppy bagel and see if you can pass a drug test. Give your grilled cheese a new lease on life. But mild, semisoft cheese in particular allows the truffle essence to creep past the slightly bitter milkiness and expand on your palate in full form with creamy, floral, earthy goodness. I simply unwrapped the Babybel, dunked it in the honey jar and stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. It was unceremonious, which is how I like these perfect moments to be. There were about five of them. Best thing of all, thanks to my guide to cheese emojis, you can now imply this snack using tiny graphics.

If I tell you where I hid the jar in the office, everyone would start bringing in hunks of cheese.'s in my middle desk drawer behind the Maldon salt.

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