Foster Huntington is a photographer and writer who publishes the website A Restless Transplant, and the author of the book Home Is Where You Park It.

For the last two and a half years, I've lived on the road out of my car. The transition from living in Manhattan and eating most of my meals out to cooking on a propane stove in the back of a van has been an adjustment. No more Fette Sau and pork buns from Ippudo. I started eating less meat and focusing on stuff that was easy to cook, and refrigerated items like avocados, eggs and fruit. Food became less of a luxury and more of a way to fuel my days spent surfing and camping. The form of driving around my kitchen changes things. No longer can I leave dishes on the counter and I certainly didn't have a dishwasher in my 1987 VW van. 

My go-to meal is a tortilla, preferably a corn/flour hybrid, a ripe avocado and hot sauce like Cholula. It's pretty self-contained and tastes great. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've eaten this combo.  

Occasionally, I treat myself to a T-Bone steak and cook it with a cast iron, salt, pepper and olive oil. I cook it outside on a backpacking Isobutane stove and cook it until the blood is showing on one side.  For veggies I throw some broccoli into the cast iron to soak up the juices.

When I do eat out,  I'm often in areas where the best, and most reliable options are hole in the wall Mexican restaurants. I've become a connoisseur of these and shutter at the idea of spending more than $2 on a taco. 

The best thing about living, and cooking, out of your car is that you can park your home where you want. The views and freedom is incredible and more than make up for the lack of infrastructure.

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