Heading Out Of Town? Here Are 6 Ways To Help You Pack Smarter.

It may be Fantasy Travel Week here at Food Republic, but when it comes to packing your bags, the best rule of thumb is to keep it real — as in the smart, and stylish, choices you'll hopefully use frequently enough to justify the space they occupy in your suitcase.

Whether your destination is an urban setting or a more rustic environment, here are six packing essentials to meet the modern traveler's needs, from a durable, old-school-style bag that converts from backpack to tote (depending on your mood and agenda) to a fuss-free necktie to slip on for that impromptu dinner reservation you scored to the local Michelin-starred hotspot. And since you probably don't want to be that dude obnoxiously snapping away with your smart phone, here's a sleek little camera (smaller than most phones) to discreetly document every plate.

Speaking of places to dine, the wildly popular global guide Where Chefs Eat — the next best thing to traveling with a handful of well-informed food obsessives — now exists in app form. Download it. Check out the slideshow below.

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