7 Vaguely Heartwarming Tales Of Lunch With Friends

It can't just be the gelato containers, something else has to have inspired me to start bringing lunch all the time. Oh wait, it's my incredible new chicken salad with feta, artichokes, capers and scallions. That's what it is. That's also the whole recipe, just toss a bunch of that stuff together with some good mayo and lemon juice, salt and pepper and do whatever you want with it. I've been doing pasta salad.

Then I left my gelato container full of awesome pasta salad on the kitchen counter and it'll be all gross by the time I get home at like, whenever tonight. It's Tequila Wednesday (Because Alliteration Won't Get You Drunk Faster). And the thought of that beautiful lunch sitting there for 14 hours feeling like I totally abandoned it after all that tossing and seasoning is depressing.

To stay positive, here are all the good memories I've had involving lunch with friends. Maybe the vibes will reach my pasta salad and comfort it while it slowly perishes. Ugh, I'm going to cry.

And bolstered by the love and warmth of friendship, I can let go of my guilt that I let that pasta salad down.

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