Here’s a meal you won’t want in July: rich, melty (or hearty meaty) fondue. Whether you prefer dipping crisp baguette chunks in molten sharp wine-spiked cheese or deciding exactly how cooked you want your lamb, this traditional Swiss preparation won’t let you down. Check out our time-tested recipes, plus tips for rounding out this most rib-sticking of spreads.

Make one of these fondues: 

A salad:

Some homemade pickles (or cornichons if you have them)

And lay out plenty of baguette cubes, boiled potatoes, cured meats and whole-grain mustard to complete your feast.

For dessert: Classic Tarte Tatin

And to drink: A nice wintry white wine like Gewürztraminer or Riesling (expert tip: drink it room temperature, not chilled. You don’t want that melted cheese firming up in your stomach)

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