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Joe Hahn describing his love of jokbal (Korean pig’s feet) with hand motions.

The convergence of food and music is nothing new. We’ve interviewed countless bands for our Good Food, Rocks series — guys like Chromeo, French Montana and John Darnielle have told us all about their love of locavore dining and small-batch bourbon. And, of course, there is Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch and his weekly podcast, Food is the New Rock, devoted to the topic. That’s been going down for nearly two years now.

On this week’s podcast Zach is joined by Linkin Park producer and turntable master Joe Hahn (also known as Mr. Hahn to his fans and car service drivers). The lively conversation tackles all sorts of topics like Joe’s eating adventures on the road and Oliver Stone’s frozen yogurt habits. How are these related? You’ll have to listen. But the talk leans towards Korean food, which Hahn has been eating his whole life. Zach and Joe are joined by our own contributing editor Matt Rodbard, who is writing a book about Korean food in America and was happy to share his love of gamjatang to a captive audience.

You can stream the interview below, and of course check out all of the past Food Is The New Rock podcasts on iTunes or at

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