Andrew Carmellini's guest editing stint at Food Republic has concluded, and we here at Food Republic want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the man himself, his communications director Jacque Burke and his team at his restaurants in NYC and Miami. Check out for addresses and more info, and be sure to try all of his restaurants. 

As a parting gift to everyone, here's a stray image from the week. We're not sure why Burke, our photographer Mark Shaw and The Dutch's pastry chef Kierin Baldwin served up this photo of coconut cake, but man does it look delicious. Maybe it was an outtake from the photo shoot that led to this awesome story about how The Dutch Bakes The Perfect Winter Pie, In Gif Format, or maybe it's just because every once in a while you just gotta give in and have that slice of coconut cake. Whatever the case, here's to the weekend, and thanks again, Chef!