We have entered the era of the D.I.Y. cookbook. Recently we told you about Middlewest, a Chicago-based production that produces each issue of their "magazine" as a series of recipe cards. And then there is Short Stack Editions — a small-format publication edited by Nick Fauchald (formerly of Food & Wine and Tasting Table). Launched as a Kickstarter last May, the company has grown to offer roughly six single-topic cookbooks a year — all written by well-known chefs, cookbook authors and journalists.

In addition to original recipes and illustrations, the books contain sourcing and cooking tips, and are printed locally on the highest quality paper and card stock. We recently found out that our dude Tyler Kord (of No. 7 and No. 7 Sub) has written, fittingly, Volume 7, his tribute to broccoli. He’s long been a fan of the much-maligned vegetable. But we reached out to find out how you fill up an entire cookbook.

Why does broccoli deserve its own cookbook?
Broccoli and brussels sprouts are the vegetables that everybody seems to pick as examples of "things my parents made me eat that I hated." But brussels sprouts have gotten so cool, whereas broccoli, despite my best efforts, is still not considered special. But that is total bullshit.

Ok, so why do you love cooking with broccoli so much?
I love cooking with broccoli because it is so incredibly versatile and delicious. It's around us all the time in unremarkable ways, but when you cook it carefully and intentionally, it transcends all other food.

What are some recipes in the book?
This book has basic broccoli-cooking techniques, some of the No. 7 classics like broccoli tacos, fried broccoli and the broccoli sandwich with lychee muchim. It also has a twist on the Moosewood bible classic, the Enchanted Broccoli Forest. But it also has some newer things like raw oysters with broccoli mignonette, broccoli pirogues with broccoli butter, and a pork and broccoli meatball burger sandwich.

Outside of broccoli, what else is going on in your life right now?
Nothing too exciting that I can talk about right now. Exciting things are on the way though! And I did get 43 points on Flappy Bird yesterday, which is pretty exciting!