Maldon Sea Salt: Not Just For Dessert

All my life I wanted to love dessert more than crunchy, salty and/or sour stuff. Just to be normal, you know? Now dessert-lovers drink whiskey and I go for dirty martinis or Malbec. Someone made a face at my awesomely sour michelada over tacos last night. Nobody will split that big expensive bottle of lambic with me. And I always finish the salt on my margarita.

Enter, Maldon sea salt, the greatest salt in the world. It's not for salting boiling water, brining or curing. It doesn't even have to be for cooking (but it might as well be because a 8-ounce box will last a long time). What it does best is sit on top of food, not melt and be crunchy. And not crunchy like hey, an eggshell. Crunchy like "that's delicious."

Lately the only place I've found it is happily perched on top of dessert. And yes, it's awesome on dessert of many kinds and it's delicious on fruit (seriously, pineapple, cayenne, Maldon salt). It suddenly occurs to me that that is the kind of dessert a dessert-lover would not accept as dessert. But lunch belongs to me, and this aesthetically pleasing green and white box full of cracked pyramids (with the occasional lucky intact one) lives on my desk. Here's what it's for.

And sadly it's not for things like fries — because the crystals will just bounce off and create a little shindig by itself in the bottom of the basket that you're not invited to. Until you lick your finger and crash the party.

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