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My good friend I met on Purevolume (way back when that was a thing) is known to the Orange County indie rap scene as Rocom. Here's a weekend-friendly Soundcloud. He also sells varied art on Etsy and designs products for Razor, speaking of cool jobs where you can and should ride scooters around the office. Homeboy loves some In-N-Out (along with the entire non-vegetarian and some of the vegetarian population of California), so when his friend moved out of the state he sketched this tribute to some of her favorite parts of the good life. 

Carefree rides to Disneyland in vans from the '70s that still run perfectly thanks to that dry Cali air? Stopping for a 3 x 3 and animal fries in the perpetual drive-thru line cause it's worth it? Driving the 70s van with your knees while eating the 3 x 3 because why else would they give you a cardboard box? 

Maybe her roommate needs a roommate. 

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