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Burgerdog your patty and never again lament the absence of burger buns.

I found this gem on Facebook, via my friend Zach from college. No, I haven’t talked to him in like six years. But if I didn’t keep cool folks like him on my newsfeed I’d miss things like this genius, brainergy-saving lunch hack captioned: “use the buns ya got.” If you’ve ever fumed over an excess of hot dog buns when all you want is a burger, prepare to get happy.

Rather than run out and get hot dog buns, which could take up to 15 minutes of your life, sculpt your burger mixture into oblong-shaped patties and grill as you would a burger. No special equipment, condiments or permission necessary. It will look kind of baller and you might even accidentally satisfy your hankering for a frankering while you’re at it. Here are a few ideas:

And don’t just stop at hot dog buns. You could sculpt a half-moon patty for a pita with no awkward empty spots. Fancy a croissant burger? Email us a PDF of your croissant burger patty template so we can practice.

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