Boring Super Bowls Mean Repurposing A Lot Of Super Bowl Leftovers

I was going to write about something more stimulating for lunch today. I'm not going to tell you what, cause then I can't use it later. But it was this awesome falafel I invented. SADLY, last night's festivities were totally lame. That was a boring game, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played, like, half a song. And now I have a ton of football food that's only in season as long as the leftovers are good.

You can try and finagle a homemade version of one of these horrific things that took up a commercial last night. I will show you authentic enchilada sauce. It is here. But what would probably be easier and less gross is rounding up the stuff in your fridge and doing the following:

Mozzarella sticks

These guys don't reheat well in that they won't really be mozzarella sticks, nope, don't try to pick them up ohhhh they fell apart. But as a sandwich layer, they are supreme.


When I use guac as a binder, sandwich ideas come flying at me like a perfect pass from Russell Wilson. That's right, I watched that game. I also have all these leftovers because everyone left after the third quarter, people.


Our Marketing Director Eva makes this awesome Buffalo chicken dip that you don't so much dip into as eat with a spoon. Since wings don't reheat all that well, strip the meat off the bones, coarsely chop and make double-Buffalo chicken dip.


The MEC, which needs no introduction.

Potato chips

Richard Blais' spin on Spanish tortilla. Try it with a schmear of leftover onion dip. Nuff said.


Ever make Budweiser syrup? You don't exactly need it for lunch, but you don't exactly not need it for after-work cocktails and it'll keep you from drinking it in its non-syrup form.

Actually, now I feel a lot better. Wingsgiving is a time of abundance and Frank's Red Hot; of the glory of bleu cheese dressing and the crisp freshness of carrots and celery. I'm going to celebrate it again tonight.

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