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If you can't be at the stadium, eat the stadium.

We’ve mentioned this before, but the best Super Bowl party host starts thinking about the menu ahead of time. As in, running to the store the morning of the big game for a case of Bud and bags of Funyuns does not count. You’re reading this on Wednesday, which means there still is time to plan big. And while the window to mail order some cheese from Zingerman’s or Los Angeles tamales may have closed, you still can plan on the ultimate SB party parlor trick: the snack stadium.

Last January, we asked acclaimed stadium snack builders Mark Shaw and Heather Jones to go all Robert Moses and construct something epic using Slim Jims, mini-bratwursts, Rice Krispies Treats and brownies. Here are the results:

The Playbook: How To Make A Snack Stadium

And here’s a video of fun ahead: