Will Beers Freeze At The Super Bowl This Weekend?

This just in from the Weather Channel: it's freaking cold! Cold enough for the beers of those attending this weekend's Super Bowl festivities to freeze? Quite possibly. "Stadium beer," due to its lower alcohol content (5% or below), can only stay ice-cold for so long before it succumbs just like everyone else.

Once the temperature sinks below 28 degrees Fahrenheit, science dictates that a 4% beer will freeze in about 45 minutes. A 5% beer bites the frost at just over an hour — faster, of course, the lower the temperature plummets. We'll handsomely reward anyone who tweets us the math on how fast a 5.8% Black House Stout will freeze at negative five degrees.

Lambeau Field installed industrial heaters around its beer reserves during the arctic freeze that earned January 5th's NFC Wild Card Game the title of "coldest football game in anyone's recent memory," where the temperature dropped to negative single digits. If the Tri State area doesn't thaw out by Sunday, MetLife Stadium may have to follow suit. Just to be safe.

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