Your Daily Lunch Hack: No Cheese Emoji? 8 Ingenious Solutions For That Problem.

Well I know someone who just invented 8 ways to use otherwise useless emojis. That's not true actually. Sometimes I use the baby bottle to respond to dumb complaints from friends. Occasionally the crying cat or the asleep face.

I get up on a soapbox over few matters, I just don't have the energy to proclaim things. Except this: I just set the new Food Republic Instagram record (I know, I know, it's not a contest) (it is most definitely a contest) and I proclaim myself the Instagram queen of the office until further notice. Here is the recipe for that sweet, sweet ambrosia.

But what I'm actually proclaiming today is this: there is no cheese emoji in the iPhone keyboard, and it is nonsense. I talk about cheese a lot, my brother writes a column about cheese, about a third of my columns involve cheese. It is freaking important. One can easily convey "sake bomb" — sake + beer + bomb — as needed, but I, a food writer, don't have a cutesie way to refer to my favorite thing. There's a half a sweet potato emoji. There's a sliced fish cake emoji. I respect the Okinawan diet and everything it stands for, but...priorities!

Consequently, I dummied up this basic guide to DIY cheese emojis in a word document inspired by my friend Aliza's barrage of texts proving that there WERE cheese emojis if I simply looked outside the box emoji. Obviously it's not enough. If there were 20 little pictures dedicated to expressing cheese it wouldn't be enough. But now you can ask your dining companion to pick up some __ for your winter caprese. Or some __ for creamy artichoke lasagna bake. Or even simply __ for grilled cheese (those American singles I made out of a notebook didn't turn out so convincing).

Use these symbols in your everyday life and watch anyone try to argue when you brag about the baked __ you Instagrammed to win Thanksgiving last year. I'll keep looking for ways to turn emojis into cheese.

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