Sushi Fans, You'll Love This Genius New Spin On Chopsticks

Anyone with single unmatched chopsticks floating around in their utensils drawer (where does that second one always disappear to?), will appreciate these two new and forthcoming designs from the Japanese design firm Nendo. In collaboration with the chopsticks manufacturer Hashikura Matsukan, designer Oki Sato created two pairs of chopsticks that, when not being used to stuff your face full of sashimi, entwine and link together to form one single piece.

Taking inspiration from a double helix, Sato carved one wooden set into artful coils that seamlessly blend into one another. For the second pair (in laquered black and white) each piece features a subtle indentation and a magnet for the opposite end of the other to snap into.

Besides the sharp design aesthetic, we especially appreciate how this simple spin on a time-honored eating utensil improves its function, while respecting the fact that chopsticks are inherently simple — no bells and whistles necessary. We'll leave that to what's coming down the sushi conveyer belt.

Inspired by a double-helix, Sato created a coiled design that seamlessly matches each piece to the other.[/caption]
Two in one.[/caption]
A somewhat more sleek option, these lacquered black pieces clip into one another via magnets and grooves (carved subtly enough not to interfere with the user's grip).[/caption]

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