Finally, Cool Flexible Rubber Lunch Box-Things! Obviously From Norway!

Now I'm no lunch expert, but wait, yes I am totally a lunch expert. And I declare this food...laptop-thing with its magical food-preserving-but-not-squashing membrane to be the Holy Grail of lunchtime sandwichery and all it stands for. May bread have mercy on our souls, praise be to mustard!

The Compleat FoodSkin from Norwegian cool stuff developer Unikia is a silicone container that molds to the shape of your food, then folds flat. No falafel in a pita-shaped Tupperware? Run out of CD spindles for your bagel sandwiches? FoodSkin to the rescue. Obviously don't expect your sandwich on a potato bun to stay perfectly fluffy, but a crusty Italian roll? Sturdy baguette? Hell yes those will survive the journey. Even if you drop them in a fjord. Is it fjord or fjørd?

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