Which Countries Drink The Most Scotch Per Capita? The Answer Will Surprise You.

Quartz just released its list of the world's largest Scotch whisky importers, and there are few surprises at the top. The United States easily claims the number one spot, shipping in over $1 billion of the spirit annually. France imports less than half of that figure each year, but still manages to snag second place. On the other hand, the per capita consumption of Scotch whisky is drastically different.

The world's biggest Scotch fans apparently reside in Singapore, whose residents drink close to 13 bottles annually. In comparison, each citizen of the United States drinks less an average of less than half a bottle per year, good enough for 14th place, and behind countries from all over the globe, including Latvia, South Korea, South Africa and Taiwan. Who knew that our appetites for the brown stuff were so small?

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