Want A Reminder To Eat Your Fruits And Veggies? Here's A Design Solution.

Wall art: Fruit-Wall lets you get creative with how your organize your fruits and veggies.[/caption]
Waste not: It's a lot harder to let an apple go bad when it's staring straight at you. [/caption]

A little while back we shared an awesome fruit bowl designed to change color as its contents ripen to the point of being beyond edible. Here's a much more low-tech, yet undeniably new and aesthetically pleasing, way to keep an eye on those apples and bananas.

The Fruit-Wall, which recently received full funding through a sucessful Kickstarter campaign, is a minimalist, wall-mounted shelving system that puts your fruits and veggies up on full display. Whereas stuffing a week's worth of produce from the farmer's market in a bowl might cause some bruising and premature molding, lining your goods up on shelves is a much safer bet at ensuring their longevity. Plus, having all those healthful foods in plain sight — and at eye-level — might just be the ideal motivator for picking up that apple instead of digging into the snack drawer.

In addition to all the healthful advantages, we're especially keen on how it can enhance your kitchen décor as a low-fuss "living" wall. Consider it a piece of ever-permutating kitchen art as you stock your shelves.

Available via Fruit-Wall's website in three materials and finishes: white painted aluminum, white painted iron, and stainless steel.