Welcome To Healthy Living Week 2014

All this week on Food Republic, stories about healthy eating, fitness, recipes and more.

Yes, we love burgers, craft beer and extravagant 20-course tasting menus (with the wine pairing, please), but there comes a time to detox, and that time is now. All this week on Food Republic, we'll feature stories about healthy living, from a profile of the team behind the growing salad and juice chain Sweetgreen to a cooking gear guide to everything you wanted to know about juicing but were afraid to ask. Check back the week, for inspiration to maintain your goals to live a healthier lifestyle — or to be entertained by those who are. At any time, you can visit this page, where we'll update regularly with the latest posts related to healthy living week, lest your eyes stray towards a burger or mac and cheese recipe.

Food Republic Healthy Living Week Stories: